Decision of the Administrative Council of 14 December 2023 amending Rules 1, 22, 41, 147 and 152 of the Implementing Regulations to the European Patent Convention (CA/D 26/23)

Treaty data

Treaty number 014077
Date of conclusion 14-12-2023
Place of conclusion München
Provisional application
Entry into force 01-04-2024
Retroactive effect

Kingdom of the Netherlands

Koninkrijksdeel Provisional
Entry into force Retroactive effect Termination
Netherlands (in Europe) 01-04-2024
Netherlands (Bonaire) 01-04-2024
Netherlands (Sint Eustatius) 01-04-2024
Netherlands (Saba) 01-04-2024
Curaçao 01-04-2024
Sint Maarten 01-04-2024

Parent treaties

Title Date of conclusion Place of conclusion
Convention on the Grant of European Patents (European Patent Convention) 05-10-1973 München
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