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Conclusion By using only use the first box ("from"), you can search by a specific date of conclusion only. If you want to find treaties between a range of dates, you can use the second box ("till") as well.
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Type of treaty This enables you to indicate what type of treaty you are looking for: all types, only bilateral, only multilateral, only plurilateral or a combination of these three options. A bilateral treaty is a treaty between the Kingdom of the Netherlands and one other party. A multilateral treaty is a treaty between the Kingdom and more parties. A plurilateral treaty is a treaty betweeen the Kingdom and a limited group of three or more parties.
Netherlands depositary You may want to restrict your search to treaties for which the Kingdom of the Netherlands acts as the depositary.
With the exception of the depositary notifications, the information in the Treaty Database is offered as a public service and has no official status. For official publications, please consult the Treaty Series ("Tractatenblad") on