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Convention between Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg concerning judicial competence, concerning bankruptcy, and concerning the authority and enforcement of judicial decisions, arbitration awards and authentic deeds

Treaty data

Treaty number 009061
Date of conclusion 24-11-1961
Place of conclusion Brussel
Provisional application
Entry into force
Retroactive effect
Treaty Series 1961, 163
Parliamentary paper 6961
Approval act 1963, 216

Kingdom of the Netherlands

Entry into force Retroactive effect Termination
Netherlands (in Europe)
Netherlands (Bonaire)
Netherlands (Sint Eustatius)
Netherlands (Saba)
Sint Maarten

PartiesParties with a link have a reservation.

Party Signature RatificationS=Signature without reservation or requirement of ratification R=Ratification, Acceptance, Approval or Notification A=Accession Su=Succession NK=Not Known Entry into force Renunciation Termination
Belgium 24-11-1961 05-06-1963 (R)
Luxembourg 24-11-1961
Netherlands, the Kingdom of the 24-11-1961 26-07-1963 (R)

Child treaties

Title Date of conclusion Place of conclusion
Convention on jurisdiction and the enforcement of judgments in civil and commercial matters 27-09-1968 Brussel
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