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Protocol on provisional application of the Unified Patent Court Agreement

Treaty data

Treaty number 013369
Date of conclusion 01-10-2015
Place of conclusion Luxemburg / Brussel
Provisional application
Entry into force 19-01-2022
Retroactive effect


The Kingdom of the Netherlands will no be a party to this Protocol. For the European part of the Netherlands, the Kingdom deposited a declaration of provisional application to the Unified Patent Court Agreement. A similar declaration was deposited by Finland and the United Kingdom.

PartiesParties with a link have a reservation.

Party Signature RatificationS=Signature without reservation or requirement of ratification R=Ratification, Acceptance, Approval or Notification A=Accession Su=Succession NK=Not Known Entry into force Renunciation Termination
Austria 29-01-2019 18-01-2022 (R) 19-01-2022
Bulgaria 11-09-2017 24-07-2018 (R) 19-01-2022
Denmark 01-10-2015 03-01-2022 (R) 19-01-2022
France 01-10-2015 23-05-2017 (R) 19-01-2022
Germany 01-10-2015 27-09-2021 (R) 19-01-2022
Greece 23-03-2017
Hungary 07-10-2015
Italy 20-02-2017
Luxembourg 01-10-2015 18-07-2016 (R) 19-01-2022
Romania 14-09-2016
Slovenia 01-10-2015 15-10-2021 (R) 19-01-2022
Sweden 01-10-2015
United Kingdom 01-10-2015 20-07-2020

Parent treaties

Title Date of conclusion Place of conclusion
Agreement on a Unified Patent Court 19-02-2013 Brussel
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